Sunday, May 22, 2016

10 Breathtaking Wedding Cakes

10 Breathtaking Wedding Cakes

It can be difficult to settle on a wedding cake because it represents what your wedding means to you. Not to mention, it’s often the focal piece of the entire reception. In the end, you will be overjoyed with your choice but for now, take a look at some of our favorite wedding cakes for inspiration.

1. Cake Ball Wedding Cake | Rose Bakes – If you would rather not deal with cutting the cake and would like to nix a bit of the mess, a cake ball cake is what you need!

2. Summer Cake | Polka Dot Bride – Any cake with bright colors could be a summer wedding cake but check out this summer cake for more inspiration!

3. Macaroon Wedding Cake | Project Wedding – If you’re anything like me, you want your cake to be unique but involves little hassle. This macaroon cake is easy, unique, and adorable!

4. Rustic Pink Cake | The Baking Fairy – If you’re into gold and pink and swoon over the rustic look, this cake will make you the happiest bride.

5. Naked Wedding Cake | Deer Pearl Flowers – A newer concept and one that has become extremely popular are cakes with less frosting. They are gorgeous and we think you should take a peek at these naked cakes for brainstorming ideas!

6. Disney Themed Wedding Cake | Imgur – Disney isn’t the only theme out there but this cake gets the gears turning when it comes to unique and gorgeous ideas.

7. Triple Chocolate Snickers Cake | Rose Bakes – If you’re a chocolate lover like me, this is your dream wedding cake.

8. Ruffle Rose Cake | Wedding Wire – If you want simple and elegant, you’ll adore this ruffle cake.

9. Purple Ombre Cake | Funny Wedding Media – Ombre is all the rage these days! The ombre look can be done in any color or cake style. Use this purple cake as inspiration!

10. Sprinkle Cake | Ruffled Blog – I’m a huge fan of cutsie stuff and this sprinkle cake does the trick and makes the perfect impression.

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